Engineering excellence

The goal is to design a modern, reliable, lightweight, inexpensive and cost-efficient engine. The VK-800V is based on a well-known model involving a centrifugal compressor and uncooled single-stage turbines. This simple design will cut production and maintenance costs, while the excellent performance of individual components will translate into remarkable cost-effectiveness.

Universal platform

The VK-800 project involves the development of a turboprop model (VK-800S) for multi-purpose aircraft with 1000-1500 kg payload capacity.


  • To be installed on Ansat, Mi-54, Ka-126, Ka-226 and other helicopters.
  • Certification is expected in 2008
  • Power class – 500-800 hp

Principal specifications of VK-800V:

Emergency performance (Н=0, V=0):
power sustained for 2.5 minutes of EP (ISA), hp 1000
power sustained for 30 minutes of EP (ISA + 10°С), hp 900
Takeoff performance (Н=0, V=0):
power (ISA + 20°С), hp 800
specific fuel consumption (ISA), g/hp/hr 238
Maximum long-term performance (Н=0, V=0):
power (ISA+20°С), hp 600
specific fuel consumption (ISA), g/hp/hr 260
Cruising performance (Н=0, V=0):
power (ISA+20°С), hp 450
specific fuel consumption (ISA), g/hp/hr 291
Dimensions, mm:
Length 1000
Width 590
Height 580
Weight, kg 140