JSC “Klimov” trade union is a representative body of the employees at the negotiations with the Administration of the enterprise. Its main task is to protect labor rights, social and economic interests of workers, as well as providing employees with such production, social and working environment conditions so that to increase the efficiency of their work. Many years of efficient collaboration of the trade union with the head staff of the Company provides for high social development with such main indicators as:

  • Establishing fair and decent salary, increase of living standards of the workers.
  • Protection of social and labor rights, control of labor law implementation.
  • Trade union control of working conditions and labor protection.
  • Increasing influence and number of trade union members, raising the prestige of the union's work.
  • Developing of information system of union activities.

Main activities of the trade union committee:

  • Ensuring protection of social and labor rights and interests of trade union members

The basics of “Klimov’s” HR policy is to observe labor legislation. When an individual labor dispute arises between an employer and the worker, the trade union committee gets actively involved to find a mutually beneficial solution, protecting the interests of the worker in the first place.

JSC “Klimov” Trade Union is an organization through which each worker can influence working conditions in their unit. When drafting the Collective Agreement all proposals, including those in the field of labor protection, individual and collective safety conditions, have been addressed and reflected. The creation of decent working conditions, provision of individual and collective protection of workers, implementation of safety standards are the key objectives for the Trade Union

  • Monitoring of compliance with the norms of the Collective Agreement

Collective Agreement of JSC “Klimov” is a pride of the trade union and the Company’s Administration. It was concluded for three years between the employees and the Administration of the Company. The Agreement for 2011 – 2014 came into force on November 1, 2011 and will remain valid till November 1, 2014.

In 2011 the Collective Agreement was nominated the best according to a decision by the Trade Union Federation of St-Petersburg and Leningradsky region, and received the 1st diploma for being “The best Collective Agreement in St-Petersburg”. The document is a reflection of the social protection system and financial provision of the employees of JSC “Klimov”. Social and financial protection of workers is paid due attention in the Collective Agreement.

  • Organizing cultural and health oriented activities

Trade union of JSC “Klimov” participates in the implementation of the recreation and resort vacations program for employees, summer and winter camps for their children, and a number of cultural and educational activities.

  • Organizing sports events

Trade Union of JSC “Klimov” is a member of sports and physical health society “Russia” that unites trade unions of St-Petersburg and Leningradsky region. Sports team of the Company is supported by the Trade Union and successfully takes part in various championships. It represents the company at city and district sports competitions and wins prizes.

The company has its own sports and health center, where the employees can play volleyball, basketball, football, badminton, table tennis and visit the fitness center free of charge.

Trade Union together with JSC “Klimov” administration is the organizer of various sports events and competitions between departments of the Company. All internal competitions are held to prepare the united team of the Company for the participation in the program of the Federal Sports Organization of Trade Unions of Russia.

  • Working with youth

Corporate youth policy of JSC “Klimov” is a system of priorities and activities aimed at the creation of favorable conditions and opportunities for successful and efficient self-realization and self-determination of the younger employees of the Company, developing of their potential in the best interests of the Company. For example JSC “Klimov” holds annual contests for the title of “The best young worker” and “The best young professional”, following which the winners are awarded with a monetary prize.

  • Trade unionists experience exchange program

For more than five years the trade union of "Klimov" participates in a bilateral German-Russian project of youth exchange between labor activists of industrial enterprises in Russia and Germany, held within the framework of cooperation between the two sister cities of Hamburg and St. Petersburg. During the meetings participants of the youth project get acquainted with production at the leading companies: Airbus, Blohm + Voss, STILL, JSC "Klimov", JSC "Kirov Plant", LMZ, etc.

The founders of the project are the International Metalworkers' Federation and representatives of Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Russia. A key goal of the program is the exchange of experience between the German and Russian trade unions as an example of interaction within industry.

Contacts of the trade union:

194100, Saint-Petersburg, ul. Kantemirovskaya, 11.

phone/fax: +7 (812) 295-43-13