• Supply of effective maintenance documentation, subscriber`s support of maintenance documentation:

 The Operator receives the Maintenance manual for the TV3-117 (ТВ3-117), the VK-2500 (ВК-2500), the VR-14 (ВР-14), the VR-252 (ВР-252) with all revisions and additions actual at the delivery date, all the effective maintenance bulletins. The newly issued documentation is delivered promptly afterwards.

  • Operational support:

It is provided annually by the commission of the designer including a representative of the design bureau and a leading maintenance engineer who are deputed to operation sites of helicopters to provide consultation services on maintenance issues, support in technical matters, elimination of defects and malfunctions. 24/7/365 operational support.

  • Consultations on operation, support in elimination of malfunctions:

Online consultations are provided in regard to operation, elimination of malfunctions, use of fuel and oils and other issues.

  • Recommendations in regard to continued airworthiness of the power plant:

Recommendations are provided annually by JSC “UEC-Klimov” involving science institutes on the ground of analysis of operating reliability of the operators` power plants and reports of serial production plants and aviation repair plants.

  • Consultation services on selection of overhaul plants for engines and gear boxes:

Consultation services are provided at the operators’ request considering the analysis of results of technical support and the author’s supervision of JSC “UEC-Klimov” at the enterprises engaged in repair of engines and gearboxes.

  • Consultation services on evaluation of authenticity of products purchased by operators.
  • Operational support at flight sites
  • Individual technical support:

Individual support of the customer’s equipment repair at aviation repair plants and serial production plants.