• Investigations of failed units in order to determine objectively causes of failure 
  • Engine leasing
  • Long-term service contract on the TV3-117 (ТВ3-117) and VK-2500 (ВК-2500) engines
  • Supply of spare parts:

1. Supply of spare parts of the TV3-117 (ТВ3-117) and VK-2500 (ВК-2500) engines to:

      - perform overhaul at repair plants

      - eliminate malfunctions

      - perform reconditioning repairs

      - perform current maintenance

2. Tools and appliances for maintenance.

  • Training

Training is carried out both in aviation training center of JSC “UEC-Klimov” and at operator`s facilities. Training program is scheduled for 5-10 training days and includes issues on design, operation, elimination of malfunctions, the TV3-117 (ТВ3-117), VK-2500 (ВК-2500) engines adjustment. On results of the training certificates are issued to participants.