The aim of the service is to maintain proper functionality of engines and accessory gearboxes.

Technical support includes:

  • Evaluation of power plant parameters (when needed) by studying the results of objective control after flight followed by a decision of admission for further operation.
  • Power plant check-up (parameters evaluation) and decision making whether to admit engines and accessory gearboxes for further operation after routine maintenance or unit change.
  • Unscheduled, in-depth (using an endoscope) examination of engines operated with limitations associated with abnormalities that are marginal according to the user manual.
  • Troubleshooting for the issues identified during the operation of engines and accessory gearboxes.
  • Technical consultations to the right of operation of the units with deviations from actual operational documentation.
  • Consultations on the current maintenance of engines and accessory gearboxes after the warranty period when operating products according to their technical conditions.

Currently technical support of the engines and accessory gearbox operation is proceeded in stages (2 months each). At each stage the Company sends two specialists to the location of the Operator.

An Act of Rendered Services signed by both parties is a reporting documentation for each stage.