Recovery (current) engine repairs by original technology, including large-blocks disassembly-assembly.

Performance of large block disassembly-assembly allows to carry out replacement of modules, components and parts in operating conditions:

  • Damaged high and low pressure compressor blades, high and low pressure turbines without additional balancing.
  • High and low pressure turbine nozzles.
  • Combustion chamber.
  • LP turbine.
  • Compressor guide vanes.
  • Fan.
  • Gearbox of the engine unit.
  • Thrust jet nozzle.

According to the Customer’s request all works are performed by JSC “Klimov” specialists at the production facility of the service center or immediately at the operating site when technical conditions are sufficient.

Works require:

1). Premises to locate all aquipment and perform local repair satisfying following requirements.

  • Protected from rain and dust.
  • Ambient temperature not less than 15°C.
  • Brightness of the working area not less than 400 lux (local lighting usage is allowed).
  • At least 50 sq.m.
  • Benches, shelves and other mechanical fitting equipment.
  • Hoisting mechanism with capacity of at least 500 kg.
  • DC power supply of 27V and AC of 220V.
  • Sanitary facilities.

2). Set of technological equipment and tools according to T.P. 088001700VS-T42 (further referred to as KBRS equipment).

  • Duration of engine repair works is determined by the technical condition of the engine and does not exceed 15 calendar days. The repair team includes six specialists from JSC “Klimov”: technical engineer, testing engineer, testing operator, 3 mechanical fitters.
  • Upon completion of the repair the engine is tested together with the aircraft power plant. No special test bench is required. 
  • The engine is allowed for further operation within the limits of its life cycle and TBO.