The service targets at increasing life cycle of aircraft engines and accessory gearboxes (by stages, one per year) and operating time (by stages, 50 hour each) till next overhaul (within confirmed limits) and therefore maintaining a more flexible schedule for engine and accessory gearboxes removal and repair.

Implementation of the service enables cutomers (operators) to reduce annual expenditures spent on overhauls and to sustain the fleet condition without decreasing flight operation intensity.

Duration of works to increase the operational life of engines and accessory gearboxes before first overhaul (TBO) is 3 months. When the results are positive a bulletin is issued regarding the increase of the life cycle of engines and accessory gearboxes.

Duration of works on engines and gearboxes individual life cycle increase and extention of time till the first overhaul (TBO) comprises (excluding the travel time to and from the operator’s site):

  • RD-33 – not more than 7 days,
  • AGB-2 (3) – not more than 3 days.

Reporting documentation on the works performed is an Act of the Rendered services? Signed by both Customer and JSC “Klimov” representatives.

Spare parts and supplies necessary for the Company’s specialists to complete the task are separately supplied by JSC “Klimov” or can be provided by the Customer.