JSC “Klimov” specialists are ready to develop a joint program of service maintenance of all your aircraft engines and accessory gearboxes after the warranty period.

Providing quality service maintenance of power plants we allow you to reduce aircraft downtime, save costs on unscheduled overhaul and extend operation operation time between overhauls.

High professionalism of our specialists determines quality of the service maintenance.

Turning to us, you are guaranteed to obtain an expert advice on the operation and maintenance of aircraft turbine engines and gearboxes developed by JSC “Klimov”.


Since RD-33, RD-33MK, RD-93 engines and AGB-2(3), AGB-33, AGB-54 with GTE-117 are military oriented products, JSC “Klimov” provides all the aforementioned services through Russian enterprises that have a license to perform international trade of military goods (JSC “ROSOBORONEXPORT”, JSC “Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG”, etc.)