Manufacturing Technology

The Klimov Company manufactures gas turbine engines, main gearboxes and accessory drive gearboxes for aircraft with the use of the following state-of-the art technologies:

  • All types of casting, including directed crystallization with surface modification.
  • Stamping, including hydromechanical stamping.
  • Machining of most sophisticated components such as centrifugal wheels and asymmetric tooth transmissions.
  • Argon-shielded, electron beam and contact welding.
  • Deposition of metal and ceramic metal composite coatings.
  • Chemical and thermal treatment, particularly in shielding media such as argon or vacuum.

The creation of new high-performance engines requires novel technological chains and processes that are developed and certified by Klimov experts. The company is always engaged in improving existing technologies and designing new processes and techniques. All our technologies are certified by the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee. They meet all the international requirements for the aircraft equipment industry.