The GTD-100TF version (for T-80B/BV tanks) and the GTD-1250 version (for T-80U tanks) have been produced since 1980 and 1986 respectively. The sheer power of the GTD1000/GTD-1250 engines makes T-80 the most maneuverable, mobile and fast tank in the world. The GTD-1250 engines installed on T-80 tanks are used by the armies of Russia, Belarus, Cyprus, South Korea and Kazakhstan. A total of over 10,000 tanks have been equipped with GTD-1000T/1250 engines.

Engineering excellence

Compared to their diesel cousins, the GTD1000T/GTD-1250 engines have a higher power-to-weight ratio and provide superior thrust.  Accordingly, the T-80 tank can boast:

  • excellent operation readiness;
  • easy start at cold temperatures (to - 40°C);
  • better cross-country ability on soft ground;
  • lower noise and heat emission;
  • better “survivability” due to high mobility and power-to-size ratio;
  • low power consumption by the cooling system;
  • less toxic exhaust, no smoke emission;
  • dramatic decrease in oil consumption (by over an order of magnitude);
  • operation on dustier air (owing to a dust removal system) – and much more.


The engines of the GTD 1250 family are capable of

  • running on diesel fuel, kerosene, gasoline or their mixtures in any proportion without readjustment;
  • operating in dusty, moist and hot environments;
  • handling combat tasks in deserts, tropical areas and the far North.


The GTD-1250 engines have been installed on battle tanks, various transportation vehicles and land-based electrical generators. In addition to T-80 tanks, they are a component of prototype new generation Black Eagle tanks; the BREM-80U armored rescue vehicle; Ladoga, the armored airtight command vehicle (involved in Chernobyl disaster relief operations); missile trucks and more.

Gas turbine tank engines may power various electric generators,  locomotives, heavy dump trucks for strip mining, speed boats, hovercraft and so on.

A GTD-based engine featuring short-term power of 1400 hp, as well as prototypes with a power of over 1500 hp have been developed. They have the same weight and dimensions as the parent model.


  • Installed on T-80 family tanks and other vehicles
  • The GTD-equipped tank can accelerate to 80 km/hr and maintain an excellent march performance.
  • The engine is largely immune to dust; up to 500 kg of solid particles pass through the ducts of the engine over its service life.

Principal specifications of GTD-1000Т/GTD-1250:

Versions GTD-1000T GTD-1000TF GTD-1250
power, hp 1000 1100 1250
specific fuel consumption, g/hp/hr 240 235 225
Dimensions, mm:
Length 1494 1494 1494
Width 1042 1042 1042
Height 888 888 888
Weight, kg 1050 1050 1050