The Klimov Company’s research centre and special manufacturing facility deal with the development, production and servicing of BARK electronic units for all types of existing and prospective engines.


The BARK units:

  • extend the service life of the hot parts of the engine;
  • improve the gas flow stability margin of the engine running in variable modes and during aircraft maneuvering;
  • improve the accuracy and quality of engine control;
  • adapt engine control to the ambient situation;
  • compensate for the response time of gauges that measure controlled and monitored parameters;
  • provide deep engine control to ensure condition-based operation;
  • significantly reduce the weight and volume of electronic components of the system as well as connecting cables.


The following models have been developed for various types of engines:

  • BARK-19 — for the TV7-117K marine gas turbine engine;
  • BARK-12 and BARK-57 — for TV7-117V/VM/VK turboshaft engines;
  • BARK-60 — for the VK-1500 turboprop engine;
  • BARK-65 — for the TV7-117 family of turboprop engines;
  • BARK-78 — for the TV3-117 and VK-2500 family of turboshaft engines;
  • BARK-42 and BARK-93 — for the RD-33 family of turbojet engines.


The Klimov Company offers a full range of servicing for the BARK automatic control systems that it develops and manufactures.


  • digital control systems improve reliability, reduce fuel consumption and the total weight of the power plant
  • development of BARK units started in 1998

Principal specifications of BARK units:

Model BARK-19 BARK-12, BARK-57, BARK-60, BARK-65 * BARK-78 BARK-42, 93
Weight, kg 5.3 6 2 Less than 10
Dimensions, mm 270х210х96 357х196х78 196х160х78 317х250х160
Maximum power consumption, Wt 8 20 8 40
Number of input ports 36 66 17 71
Number of output ports 29 36 10 40
Interfaces RS-232
RS-232, RS-422
GOST 18977-79 (ARINC)
RS-232 RS-232, RS-422
GOST 18977-79 (ARINC)
* - BARK-12, -57, -60 and -65 use different software and connection schemes.