• The GTDE-117 gas-turbine engine (turbine starter) is designed for starting the main RD-33 and AL-31 engines installed on Mig-29 and Su-27 aircraft families.
  • The VK-100 model with a higher air consumption, pressure ratio and efficiency was developed as a turbine starter for high altitude aerodromes where it is recommended as a replacement for the standard GTDE-117.
  • The new VK-150 APU was designed for engines that require a more robust starter and power generator. It can be used as a starter for RD-33, AL-31 engines and their versions like the VK-150 model.

Principal specifications of turbine starters:

  GTDE-117 VK-100 VK-150
Starter mode power (Н=0, ACS), hp 90 100 160
Starter mode power (Н=3.5, ACS +30 C), hp 70 110
Generator mode power, hp 70 80 120
Weight, kg 42 42 46,5