PRODUCT QUALITY (various models)


KSA-2/3 accessory gearboxes installed on various models of the MiG-29 fighter are used in over 25 countries of the world.


KSA-52/53 gearboxes are used as accessories to SMR-95 engines that were designed to upgrade foreign-produced fighters of the 2nd and 3rd generation.

They are installed on experimental Super Cheetah D-2 and Super Mirage F-1 fighters of the South African Air Force.


The KSA-33M is a new generation accessory gearbox designed for power plants based on the latest versions of the RD-33 engine installed on MiG-29 fighters. 

The KSA-33M consists of two kinematically independent gearboxes with a separate drive from each engine. Its dual system backup improves safety and the combat survival capability of the aircraft. The aircraft accessory gearbox provides the operation of the aircraft electric and hydraulic systems both on the ground and in the air.