Innovative technologies

The most recent version of the engine (TV7-117C) features an enclosed centrifugal wheel that increases its power by 10% while maintaining all the other performance parameters. JC "UEC Klimov" holds a patent for the design and manufacturing of such wheels.

Engineering excellence

The engine has a modular design. Modules can be replaced in the field, which dramatically reduces costs and accelerates repair and maintenance.

Universal platform

The modernized TV7-117SM engine was certified in 2002 (Supplement No. 114D/04 to the type certificate No. 114-D). This version features a state-of-the art full authority digital control system (FADEC). This engine also has superb consumer qualities such as reliability, ease of maintenance and servicing.

These engines hold considerable promise as a component of new regional airliners such as Il-114, Il-112, MiG-110, Tu-136 and others.

Several versions of the TV7-117 are currently under development, including a TV7-117V turboshaft engine for new medium-load helicopters, speed boats and power generators.


  • The TV-7-117SM is the most cost-effective engine in its class
  • An Il-114 airliner equipped with TV7-117 engines can stay airborne for up to 9 hours
  • Installed on Il-114 airliners, Il-114T and Il-112 cargo planes, speed boats
  • Power class: 2500 – 3000 hp

Principal specifications of the TV7-117:

Versions ТV7-117SM ТV7-117ST
Emergency performance (Н=0, V=0, ISA+15°С):
power, hp 3500
Maximum takeoff performance (Н=0, V=0, ISA+20°С):
power, hp 3000
Takeoff performance (Н=0, V=0, ISA+20°С):
power, hp 2500 2800
specific fuel consumption, g/hp/hr 200 190
Cruising performance (Н=6 km, V=500 km/hr, ISA)
power, hp 1800 2000
specific fuel consumption, g/hp/hr (Н=6 km, V=500 km/hr, ISA) 180 175
Dimensions, mm
Length 2136 2136
Maximum diameter 940 940
Weight, kg 530 450