The Sea Wasp provides a higher thrust than the basic model while featuring all its advantages such as unrestricted flight control and high stability against ambient disturbances.

A jet fighter equipped with this engine can safely take off the aircraft carrier deck and efficiently perform combat tasks in a hot climate.

The RD-33MK will be used as a base model for future improved jet fighter engines. In particular, it may be equipped with Klimov’s proprietary thrust vectoring nozzle that enhances combat efficiency by 12-15%.

Innovative technologies

RD-33MK is the first product of major modifications of the basic engine. Its horsepower is 7% higher due to the use of cooled blades made of modern materials including composites.


  • Unassisted takeoff of the MiG-29K fighter from the aircraft carrier deck is possible owing to the increased horsepower of the engine;
  • The engine contains systems that reduce its infrared and optical visibility;
  • The service life of the engine is a long 4,000 hours;
  • Installed on MiG-29K, MiG-29KUB and MiG-35 jet fighters;
  • Developed in 2001.