The competition aims to support scientific and research activities of students, to award most talented ones and to attract them to work at the Company in the future.

This is the list of educational institutions entitled to the participation in the competition:

1. Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University:

School: «Power Engineering». Departments: «Power machine building», «Power engineering», «Aircraft engines», «Gas-turbine, steam-turbine power plants and engines», «Air engines and power plants».

School: «Mechanical Engineering». Departments: «Engineering and design for machine building industries», «Machine building technology».

2. Baltic State Technical University «VOENMEH» named after D. Ustinov:

School: «Энергетического машиностроения». Department: «Power engineering» Specialization: «Gas-turbine, steam-turbine power plants and engines. Production of power equipment»;

Department: «Design of aviation and rocket engines». Specialization: «Design of air engines and power plants».

3. Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance:

Department: «Economics», specialization:

  • «Finance and credit» (Department of finance-credit and international economic relations).
  • «Accounting, analysis and audit» (Department of Statistics, accounting and economic analisys).

4. State Educational Unit Professional Vocational school «Primorsky»:

  • profession «Assembly fitter of air engines».

Conditions and procedures of the completion can be found in the regulation “On the Scholarship after the name of V. Klimov”.

Contact information:

194100, Saint-Petersburg, Kantemirovskaya, 11

Phone/fax +7(812)301-90-47, E-mail: uc@klimov.ru