Social responsibility in action

The company looks for a productive dialogue with any concerned party, striving for harmony between the government, the public and the business community.

In June 2007 a Cooperation agreement between St.Petersburg and the Klimov company was signed by the city governor Mme. Matvienko and Klimov’s CEO Mr. Vatagin. This agreement provides a framework for social partnership between the company and the city and outlines St.Petersburg’s commitments to economic and social development in the region. This cooperation will foster a favorable investment climate in the region, sustained business development and social infrastructure development.

As a sponsor and donor, the company supports primarily education and research projects.

In 2006 a monument to the legendary Normandy-Neman squadron was unveiled in the Le Bourget suburb of Paris. The statue was designed by V.A. Surovtsev, a renowned Russian sculptor. The Klimov company contributed a significant part of the $250,000  donated by Russia to erect the monument. Indeed, it was in our St.Petersburg shops during World War II that the famous M-105 and M-107 engines were developed and manufactured to be installed on Yak1 and Yak-3 fighters flown by the Normandy-Neman French aviators fighting for the freedom of our country.

For several years JC "UEC Klimov" has been engaged in fruitful cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church for the resurrection of spiritual and religious traditions. A graphic example is our participation in a joint project to restore historical buildings at the Konevsky monastery of the Birth of Our Lady.

JC "UEC Klimov" employs over twenty five hundred people. We pay a lot of attention to providing a comfortable working environment, social guarantees and generous fringe benefits to our employees.

Labor relations at the company are governed by a collective agreement and supplementary by-laws that cover education, personnel management issues and medical care for workers and their families.

The company provides annual corporate vacations at its own country hotel. Children of personnel enjoy stays at summer camps and access to sports and fitness facilities. Fitness and health of our personnel is a major priority for JC "UEC Klimov". At the company’s fitness facility personnel teams are trained in various sports to participate in competitions at the city and regional level.

We take great care of industrial safety and environmental issues. For many years we have been investing in research and development aimed at making our products and manufacturing processes more environment-friendly. From year to year the company has been establishing clear targets to reduce the impact of technological processes on the environment.

We hope to meet you, since even if you do not use our services you are most likely to take advantage of Klimov products for aircraft, surface or marine vehicles.