Visiting our museum you will make a fascinating journey through time, you will witness the history of engineering ideas, evolution of domestic and world aircraft engine building. Authentic aviation equipment is at the heart of the museum exposition.

A central piece of the exhibition is the power plant of Mi-8 helicopter renowned all over the world – two the TV2-117 (TВ2-117) gas turbine engines with a gearbox – unique representatives in their class.

The following is represented in the museum:

  • one of a few remaining motorbikes of IZH (ИЖ) legendary domestic brand produced by the company in the 1930s;
  • a unique government order — torch designed and produced by “Klimov” for Summer 1980 Olympic Games;
  • renowned “Klimov’s engines for rotary-wing aircraft: the GTD-350 (ГТД-350) designed by Klimov for Mi-2 helicopter and the TV3-117 (ТВ3-117) which is one of the best turboshaft engines worldwide in its efficiency class;
  • the VK-1 (ВК-1) developed for МiG-15bis, MiG-17 fighters, Il-28 bomber, Тu-14Т torpedo plane; 
  • the VK-2 (ВК-2), one of the first domestic turboprop engines; 
  • the VK-3 (ВК-3), the first soviet bypass turbojet engine with an afterburner;  
  • the RD-33 (РД-33) - the engine for MiG-29 fighter and the TV7-117C (ТВ7-117С) aircraft engine intended for installation on Il-114, Il-112 and other regional aircraft;
  • the GTD-1250 (ГТД-1250) -  the engine for Т-80U tank;
  • the 5D67 (5Д67) - the engine for the second rocket stage of S-200 air defense complex and  the liquid-propellant rocket engine (ЖРД) for silo-based ballistic missile.

Classes, presentations, lectures for students of - Baltic State Technical University "VOENMECH" named after D.F. Ustinov, FGBOU VPO" STU ", SAC, University of Civil Aviation - and also for school children are held in the museum.

Contact details:

8, Akademika Kharitona str.,


Tel.: (812) 454-7194

A preliminary accreditation (approval of a visit) is necessary to visit the museum.