Klimov’s labor safety and environment conservation policies cover the following priority areas:

  • Sound use of natural resources.
  • Ensuring health and safety for personnel.
  • Permanent improvements in labor safety and environmental safety.
  • The use of the most advanced labor safety and environmental safety standards.
  • Rehabilitation of nature.

JC "UEC Klimov" successfully employs labor safety and environment safety management systems that have been developed in full accordance with the Russian legislation. They are based on the best Russian and international practices.

At this time the company is switching from protection to prevention as the main principle of its environmental policy.

Klimov’s strategic objectives are to maintain labor safety and meet environment protection standards at every department of the company at the level of the leading aircraft companies of the world. Accordingly, we:

  • Implement advanced technologies and control methods to reduce waste, minimize the impact on the environment and save natural resources.
  • Keep improving the manufacturing process by invoking the best world practices in the development and use of safe technologies and equipment.
  • Control pollution at all the stages of the manufacturing process.

The plant has a water recycling system to cool equipment and hydraulic drag units. A project to prevent oil product pollution of ground water has been implemented. All boilers now operate on natural gas rather than heating oil, which means no sulfur dioxide is released into the atmosphere. The company is working on the beautification of the water protection zone of the Kamenka river and cleaning the river from oil products and waste.

In terms of emission levels, Klimov engines that are currently under development outperform the existing standards. An entire research and development program has been implemented to reduce emission and noise levels as well as to limit the use of hazardous materials and technologies. Once such materials, parts or processes involved in manufacturing, service or overhaul are identified, they are excluded from the production cycle.

JC "UEC Klimov" pursues the following strategic development principles under its environmental policy:

  • to maintain stable quality of products, improve their competitiveness according to demands and expectations from customers and other interested parties;
  • to reduce costs by efficiently using natural resources, taking advantage of advanced environment-friendly technologies and optimizing management;
  • to minimize any possibility of hazardous emission or discharges to maintain the environmental balance in the region;
  • to handle industrial and consumer waste in a safe manner, to maintain a high level of recycling;
  • to improve labor conditions and health of personnel;
  • Improve labor and environmental safety.

Klimov’s pollution prevention policies mean that the company supports its reputation of a responsible manufacturer who regards environment conservation as one of its fundamental values.