Innovations of the Project

Creation of DPC is in fact a program of complete reconstruction and modernization of the existing research and production base of "Klimov" that produces aircraft gas turbine engines. The project involves not only the construction of new industrial and office buildings with all engineering infrastructure and the purchase of modern high-tech equipment, but also a complete update of the management system and production processes. United industrial site of JSC "Klimov" will combine ultramodern design office with a flexible, well-equipped mass production, vigorous testing facilities and customer service center

The new plant will develop those activities, which are now the priority of "Klimov". The production system of DPC is designed so that to allow creating new products and launching mass production of innovative products. The production program of DPC includes R&D and production of aircraft engines to meet the needs of the market in both short and long terms up to 2030.

Total area of DPC will comprise ca. 50 thousand sq. m., including 21 700 sq. m. designated for the production facility and 15 478 sq. m. for R&D.

Modernization of JSC "Klimov" includes not only updating the technological base, but also management principles. The company transits to electronic document flow, introduces principles of lean manufacturing combined with efficient cooperation within the network of technological competence centers of branch enterprises of UEC

Project’s Significance for the Development of the Industry

Implementation of "Petersburg Motors" project aims to address a number of challenges that the knowledge-intensive sectors of the Russian Engineering currently faces:

  • Significant increase of innovation activity of Russian companies of the aviation industry.
  • Development of high-tech sectors of the Russian economy in the interest of national security and competitiveness.
  • Quality improvement, costs reduction and profits increase of large high-tech companies.
  • Employment of highly qualified personnel - graduates of the leading technical universities of the country.

Investment into the project comprises 6.5 billion rubles. Payback time is approximately seven years. It is important that the construction is organized in such a way that it does not disturb ongoing activities of the enterprise.

Project’s Significance for the Development of St-Petersburg

In 2011 St. Petersburg Government granted the strategic status to "Petersburg Motors" project. It is notable that the city recognizes as strategic such projects that increase the investment attractiveness of the city and develop the infrastructure of individual districts.

"Klimov"’s relocation to the territory of the new center will also improve environmental conditions of St. Petersburg. Two industrial sites with the total area of 10 ha will be vacated.

Creation of the innovative production will allow to double enterprises profits within few years, and consequently tax payments to the city budget will increase. If talking about an environmental aspect, due to the use of innovative technologies aircraft engines designed at the plant will meet all current and future environmental requirements.

Extensive outsourcing will involve more than a hundred of small and medium-size enterprises into a high-tech process of "Klimov" engines creation that will provide St. Petersburg with more than five thousand new jobs for engineers and high skilled workers. What’s more, the planned production volume of up to 450 engines per year will provide multiple growth of the service and repair market, providing the region with even more high-paying jobs.