Trust vertoring nozzle

Trust Vertoring Nozzle
Basic information

Klimov is the only company in the world that has succeeded in developing a universal omnidirectional jet nozzle. The relevant technology that appeared in the late 90s materialized in the thrust vectoring nozzle for the RD-33 and AL-31F jet engine families. TVN is still the only mass-produced omnidirectional nozzle in the world.

Principal specifications


The axisymmetric exhaust unit system with a turning supersonic part of the jet nozzle provides for omnidirectional (360 degrees) deflection of the thrust vector. A TVN-equipped engine of a combat aircraft notably improves its maneuverability at subsonic speeds and supercritical angles of attack.   While improving the performance of aircraft, TVN nozzles also enhance safety during takeoff and landing as well as under challenging conditions.


The TVN nozzle is based on the universal KLITV (KLImov Thrust Vector) technology and therefore can be installed on Russian or foreign turbojet engines of any design.


  • The only mass-produced axisymmetric omnidirectional nozzle in the world
  • Nozzle control is not restricted in any flight mode, including the afterburning mode
  • May be adapted to fit a number of existing and prospective turbojet engines
  • Currently undergoes flight tests as a component of the MiG-290VT jet fighter

Principal specifications:

Thrust vector deflection angle in any direction, degrees +15
Speed of deflection, degrees/sec 60