5th International conference of General Designer of Klimov JSC at HeliRussia 2015

Klimov JSC highlighted the latest products and future plans to helicopter operators from Russia, CIS, Europe and in distant foreign countries (New Zealand, UAE, China). During the conference Klimov’s experts spoke about the construction of new turbo shaft engines TV7-117V for MI-38, VK-2500MN for advanced high-speed helicopter, VK-2500P/PS for MI-28N, KA-52, MI-24/35, MI-8MT/MI-17 and for advanced helicopter engine.

Conference participants discussed important issues on sustainability, serviceability and maintenance of the engines and gear box.Automatic control system of Klimov JSC design and construction were introduced.

Conference participants got to know service programme including an exclusive product – service from designer. Service department experts introduced to operators the advantages of cooperation with Klimov JSC, development of service and consolidated information area – Designer to Operator.

The results of the conference were summited at round table.

International conference of General Designer of Klimov JSC is a platform for the dialog between market and industry participants which helps to estimate the quality of the service and to listen to the real needs.


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