A tribute to the memory of the designers working during the war at Klimov JSC

The celebration events devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War were held on April, 28th, 2015. The exposition of the Klimov JSC’s history during the Great Patriotic War was shown in the entrance hall of the modern design and production complex. The great deeds of labor became the main topic of the conference – All for victory. Leningrad. Ufa. General designer Alexey Grigoriev opened the conference and greeted the participants. During the conference the speakers told about the war time: evacuation of the plant to the production site in Ufa and the people who stayed and worked in the Siege. Klimov’s veteran Gurgen Avanesov who recently celebrated his 100-years anniversary shared the memories about his work at the plant during the war: producing the Victory engine M-105 and the coworking with the legendary designer of aviation engines Vladimir Klimov. Also the participants discussed the evacuation of Chernyshev Moscow machine – building enterprise and Izhorskiye Zavody. In the conference All for victory. Leningrad. Ufa. there were 60 participants – representatives of the engine manufacture from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Samara, the ST. Petersburg Government and specialized universities. The goal of the conference is the popularization of the military manufacturing history, perpetuating the memory of designers and engineers who worked for the strengthening of the Military power during the Great Patriotic War. The guests and participants marked the relevance of the topic and high level of event organization.

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